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Appliances and furniture sale - great bargain (Istanbul)

Hi IN friends:)

I have some furniture and appliances to sell as I won't need some of my stuff from my flat in Kurtuluş (close to Osmanbey/Şişli)

Most of the furniture is from IKEA and it is just over 2 years old (in a fairly good condition).

Large L-shape sofa (with bed) FRIHETEN from IKEA Protected content new price)(asking price 675TL)
Protected content

1 Black Double bed and mattress IKEA MALM/ LÖNSET (New price 707TL and mattress 280TL) (asking price for both 445TL)
Protected content

1 Brown double bed and mattress (it the Brown version of the one which is in the link underneath)(IKEA new price 537TL for the bed and 250TL for the mattress) (Asking price for both 375TL)
Protected content

3 ANEDOBA IKEA white wardrobes (new price 189TL each) (asking price for each 95TL) (or 250TL for 3 of them)
Protected content
1 large desk and Bookcase IKEA KALLAX/ADILS (New price 313TL) (asking price 165TL)

Protected content

1 IKEA Linnmon/ Adils white desk (New price 129TL) (asking price 75TL)
Protected content
2 clothe horses (New Price 49TL each so 98TL)(Asking price 55TL)
Protected content
2 x coffee tables (IKEA LACK)(New price 59,99TL each) (Asking price for each 35TL)(or 60Tl for both)
Protected content
Small coffee table (IKEA LACK) (New price 29,99TL) (Asking price 18TL)
Protected content

white long lamp (IKEA Magnarp lamp)(New price 119TL) (Asking price 55TL)
Protected content

3 chairs (New price 29,99TL each so 90TL for 3 of them) (Asking price 55TL for 3 of them)
Protected content

bedside lamp (IKEA new price 14,99TL)(Asking price 8TL)
Protected content

1 single bed with mattress (Bought for 250TL) (Asking price 125TL)
1 hover (New price 120TL) (Asking price 65TL)
1 single person armchair (Asking price 79TL)
1 brown desk (Asking price 55TL)
Cuttleries (New price 100TL) (Asking price 55TL)
1 iron (New price 80TL) (Asking price 45TL)
1 irontable (New price 65TL) (Asking price 35TL) well as home appliances:
- fridge (Bosch) (Asking price 300TL)
- washing machine (Siemens)(Asking price 250TL)

Please feel free to call me on Protected content I can send more pictures and price. If you have just arrived in Istanbul and are in the process to buy furniture for your new flat or also you may have certain stuff missing, this is a great opportunity to get IKEA furniture at GREAT PRICES.

Bulk buying welcome and negotiation on prices possible.


Call or whatsapp on Protected content

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