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Live in a huge international flat! (18-26 years) (Istanbul)


So I currently live in an international student flat in Goztepe. We are now 26 people sharing 4 kitchens, 6 bathrooms, an enormous terrace with a beautiful view (we live on the top floor of a rather large building that sees to the European side) and something like 16 bedrooms.

Several roommates are finally headed home permanently now that their study abroad/Erasmus is we have some bedrooms opening up (you can have your own room or share if you prefer). The place is quite nice and those of us remaining are a very social bunch.

If you think you would be a good match, then please let us know. We try to keep the ratio of boys and girls even (currently its something like 12 guys and 14 girls), so we may not be able to accomodate if you if the ratio starts leaning heavily in one direction.

English is the predominant language in our house, but there are roughly only 3 or 4 native speakers and 2 of them are leaving. So French, German, Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian and Russian are all languages you might want to consider learning.

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