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Summer Villa (Istanbul)

Hello All,

First of all I am not sure if this is the correct place to post information about it but in case it isn't: no hard feelings to Admins who are deleting OR moving my post :)

I have a duplex house located in Assos Region, Canakkale – Turkey, a region 5 minutes away from the legendary Aegean Sea.

It's in a housing estate which consists of 29 houses. Our site is well known for its oxygen-rich pine trees.
24/7 available Housing estate officer is responsible for both your needs and the security.
Besides, there are swimming pools for adults and kids, a satellite system with over Protected content channels, and high speed Wi-Fi network in the housing estate.
My house is very close to the swimming pools, is built completely with stones and its fireplace is French-made. It has a large living room, 2 bedrooms and a workroom.
For the winter, the central heating system is ready to use after installing the heater cores only.
In comparison with other houses in the housing estate there are some reconstructions in our house as follows:
• High quality real wooden floors
• High quality real wooden stairs and handrails
• High quality hand-made wooden doors
• Hand-made stones in front of the fireplace
• The house is surrounded with a special kind of stone pieces (Kayrak)
• A parking zone for two cars and a large leisure place have been arranged in the side yard

In case anyone is interested in any way, please contact me directly. I can provide photos and detailed information.

Thanks a lot.


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