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Duty Free is no longer applied for Expat visa? (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello guys, I have met this issue after arrived at KLIA2 and would like to know if any of you are aware of it.
Upon my arrival @KLIA2, I passed by the Duty Free shop to get 1 pack of cigarette (I have bought 2 times in Protected content I traveled oversea). Since my flight was international flight so i wanted to get it this time as well.
At the cashier counter, the lady staff checked my passport & employment pass, she informed me that I'm not eligible to get duty free products without providing any evidence or statement about this.
When I asked her where can i get the information, she simply told me to go and see the custom checkpoint, they will let me know??? and informed me that this new rule applied in February Protected content .
I thought there should be an information desk or so to provide me the statement about this new rule but no, those people that she mentioned were the staffs who on duty at scanning custom checkpoint.
When I ask one of them why i can't buy Duty Free products, young man said: "Sorry you are not eligible because you have employment pass". The older man added on: "You can buy, just pay for tax la" and laughed at me like I'm begging to buy their Duty Free product.
When I told him: "So I pay tax to your country every month but couldn't even get a Duty Free Product from your country as everyone used to do?" then the old man just walk away without a sentence. By the end there's still no statement about the new rule.
For whatever reasons to make them apply this rule i'm not feeling happy at all as my travel purpose is just visiting hometown and couldn't even get a gift for myself.

My question is:
1. Do you think as an employment pass owner, if I buy 1 pack of cigarette at the departure airport (for example: I bought 1 pack of cig from Vietnam) before arriving Malaysia, will it be possible to carry just a pack of cigarette through custom? Or will they charge me for tax (but I'm not buying from Malaysia airport)?
2. I have stayed in KL almost 2 years and now paying resident tax, from what i known:
- the products are imported by the visitor on his person or his baggage;
- non-residents stay in Malaysia more than 72 hours;
- nationals and residents of Malaysia have left the country for more than 72 hours.
=> can i be considered as "residents of Malaysia have left the country for more than 72 hours" (3 days)? OR non of above?
3. From the website: Protected content
I couldn't find the statement showed that they are not allowed employment pass owner to buy Duty Free product. If anyone can show me that'd be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading and leave your advice (if any).

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