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Expat moving to Kuwait (help needed) (Kuwait City)

I am a Canadian Expat here in Abu Dhabi and have been offered to move to Kuwait. I have had many discussions on many forums so i will appreciate if someone can help me with things:

1) how is the cost of living compared to UAE or cost of living in general? Like 3 bedroom nice apartment in Salwa. Hawally. Fintas or Sabah Al Salem? By the way these are the only 4 areas recommended to me so far by various sources. Monthly rental?

2) i have 2 school going kids. Are schools mostly around these areas? When do British and American schools start admitting students for upcoming school year?

3) How long Kuwaiti Residence visa process takes from the point of candidate accepting the job offer?

4) i have read mixed reviews with some people saying Kuwait has a bad lifestyle and people are generally rude. Is it true? Coming from UAE, lifestyle here is also mostly indoors, fancy malls, eat out or beaches. I guess same in Kuwait?

5) Driving license gets converted easily from UAE to Kuwait? I also have my Canadian license. No tests or hassle i hope?

6) cost of groceries/ monthly expenses for a family of 4 (Moderate lifestyle)?

Help appreciated.

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