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How to get a job ASAP - my story 'self-made expat' (London)

Hi there, I finally made it! =)
For about three months ago I have written the thread below and now I would like to tell you about my story.
Due to the importance of international mobility is becoming more and more emphasized I have decided to relocate to London after finishing my commercial banking apprenticeship in Switzerland. A lot of people doubted about my plan, but actually I didn't really care about it, because I'm a very determined person.
Before my move (mid August), I had a three days trip by end of July in order to find an accomodation. It was quite tough! Although I could arrange 4 viewings (via,, in advance it ended up in disappointment due to their no-show!!! So, there wasn't a lot of hope anymore. But I didn't give up and in the last minute I got a "room". I was only willing to take it, because the landlord has promised that he will refurbish the room (actually it was a basement) and of course, because I didn't really have a choice. So I committed him the deposit of £450 in return I got the keys and a receipt.
In Switzerland I could finally book my one way ticket to London then =)
When I moved in I have experienced a disappointment again. Keyword: empty promises!
All he has "refurbished" is just putting a carpet into the room! After just one night I have decided to move out asap. With much luck I could move already after three days.

From then on I focussed on the jobsearch. There were a lot of vacancies for which I have the relevant background/experience, but the only thing was the 'Degree' and my age. Apparently, my 'professional baccalaureate' (which is the highest level of education in Switzerland on top of the professional experience) is not to compare with the degree. Application after application, but no feedbacks!
It started all about with Mark at "Farrell Associates", he has seen my CV and contacted me regarding a position. The first thing which has to be done was the CV (it's compatible in Switzerland but not in the UK though), so from then on I put my CV on pages like etc. and from time to time I got phone calls from many agencies and I have sent my CV through to agencies as well. Of course, I kept applying for jobs by myself.
I was quite busy for a period..had appointment after appointment with recruitment consultants. And finally done! :-)
By the way, I got some job offers, though. But I have declined it, because it's absolutely not me (telesales, market research..).

1. If you're looking for an accomodation (flatshare), use
2. List as many duties as you could on your CV (even it seems not to be really relevant)
3. Tailor your CV for each position, if you're looking for different roles.
4. Send your CV through to recruitment agencies (some agencies might tune your CV)
5. Put your CV on as many jobsites as you can.
6. Keep applying for jobs by yourself.
7. DON'T GIVE UP! =) - motivate yourself with things you enjoy to fill power.

My way up to here was not that easy at all, but I'm very happy and proud that I made it!
Go for your aim and do your level best :-)


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Dear all, after finishing my apprenticeship in Switzerland (to be a qualified bank officer), I moved to London. Currently, I apply ongoing for vacancies (whose I might be suitable for). So how long does it on average take to get a job? And has somebody any suggestions to go on with the job search?
By the way, as Protected content metionned I do not need to apply for a National Insurance number before starting work, but does this affect my applications?

As you might know to be a self-made expat is not that easy, so I greatly appreciate all advices!
Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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