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Looking for new opportunities in marketing (London)

I am currently looking for a new opportunity in marketing/Product management in London and with my broad work experience, education and passionate commitment, I can offer you a dedicated team member who values high work ethic, personal responsibility and a direct and frank communication. I can offer a person full of positive energy and a deep commitment to the tasks as well as for colleagues' well-being. In my job I often take the role of the social and driven employee. Whether it is a brief, colleague, customers, a solution to a store exposure both as a salesman on the floor or as a coordinator in the office. It is important for me not to waste time, either in terms of colleagues or external partners; we set aside to reach solutions and goals. I will be happy to put on a leadership role and have learned to focus on what needs to be done first, despite a big workload. I am currently living in Stockholm but am looking to relocate abroad and take on new challenges.
My closest colleagues would say that I use my passion for communication and joyful personality to brighten both work and workplace. Attentive and respectful are other words they would use. Colleagues from other departments that I have had close relationships with would describe me as innovative, proactive and that I get the job assigned to me done on time without compromising on quality. My strength is my varied work experience, with that I can see my work from different views. From how to create materials both in house and with an advertising agency, how to resolve to set and implement a campaign in practical and innovative spirit to driving it on social media. Building partnerships and making sure the product is driven not only in the now but also in the future.

See full CV on my LinkedIn profile;

Kind Regards
Emily Stenström Varg

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