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Recruiting: Numerate Java Developer (London)

For our London team we are looking for an experienced numerate Java developer to join a team of experts with a variety of backgrounds such as general management consulting and education, engineering, business analysis and software development.

As an experienced and numerate Java developer you will be responsible for the full software development lifecycle from specification to design through to implementation. The main assignment will be the overall development of front-end software to enable our consultants to best meet client needs.

We are looking for a highly qualified and achievement-oriented all-rounder fulfilling the following criteria:

* A minimum of 2 years of experience in Java software development in a commercial environment,
* solid experience of web-based technologies,
* JavaScript-, CSS-, Tomcat-, and Eclipse-knowledge,
* data visualisation and charting experience, and
* good ‘A’ level in Mathematics/Statistics plus a degree in a relevant subject.

Ideally you also bring along:
* A good business understanding and basic knowledge of accounting,
* Basic knowledge of data science (statistics), “R” and algorithms, and
* Objective C and Vaadin experience.

Malik is the leading knowledge organisation for holistic general management, responsi-ble leadership and advanced governance.

We provide solutions for all types of complex societal organisations in the business world and the public sector. Our mission is to enable top executives of leading organisations to master the great challenges of global transformational change.

We start where conventional business administration and economics end. We extend way beyond those using advanced complexity sciences, in particular cybernetics, systems theory and bionics. In 40 years of research and application we have designed and tested the most powerful tools and methods for mastering complexity and the dynamics of self-propagating change in society and its organisations.

Our office in London serves as the international competence and design centre for our proprietary PIMS®-Program (Profit Impact of Market Strategy®). PIMS is the world's leading research program on strategic management, based on more than 25’000 years of business experience.

With offices in St. Gallen (headquarters), Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, London, Beijing and Toronto, Malik is the largest organisation in its field. We provide unique solutions. Also unique are the people who work for us. That’s because good people can’t be pigeon-holed and we only seek out the best.

You are flexible, pragmatic and used to working in small teams with a high degree of independence. If you want to address the challenges of organisations in the 21st Century send us your CV including a covering letter to Protected content (Ref. PIMS-1in).

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