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Searching freelance Medical Writing opportunities (London)

Hello my fellow professionals,

My name is Bilal Bham and I am looking to establish my own professional medical/scientific writing company, initially by going freelance. Below is the information about the professional medical writing services I can provide through my company.

Who I am:

A medical writing professional with 5 years of experience writing various types of documents in a wide range of therapeutic indications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas.


I can provide a professional medical writing service for all types of scientific documents aimed at various audiences, such as the regulatory authorities (e.g. FDA, MHRA, EMEA), the scientific and medical research professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries and the general public.

I offer expertise in:

Regulatory writing
Medical communications

I can provide medical writing support for:

Regulatory medical writing services complaint with the international conference on harmonisation (ICH) guidelines:

Clinical study reports (CSRs)
Clinical study protocols (CSPs)
Investigator brochures (IBs)
Regulatory submission summary documents
Support product labelling though developing regulatory documentation
Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Medical Communications services:

Manuscripts - original articles, literature reviews and summaries
Publication planning support

I can also provide writing support for any documents outside of the stated range.

In addition, I can provide medial writing consultancy to organise the whole documentation process from the laboratory, through all phases of pre-clinical and clinical research, to the drug or device reaching the market. This also includes publication planning support.

My philosophy:

I believe in taking complex information, simplifying it and conveying it clearly, concisely, logically and unambiguously, with an easily accessible style and creative flair, to the end-reader. The reader should be led smoothly through the text to decode the message without the need to refer to previous text. The text should flow from the start, through the middle, to the end. Correct grammar, language, consistency and formatting are paramount for the credibility and legitimacy of any written document.

If my services are not required by your company then any referrals to other relevant people and companies would be very welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Best regards,


Managing Director: Bilal Bham
Location: Preston, United Kingdom
Products: Writing/communications solutions tailored to customer needs
Email: Protected content
Phone: Protected content
Website: Protected content (coming soon)

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