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Tier 2 sponsorship visa, URGENT (London)

Dear All,

I am international student (Russian passport), who is keen to find a Tier 2 sponsorship visa (formerly work permit) in the UK.
I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology overseas and have been studying Masters in psychology here for the past year. Currently I volunteer for mental health charity and resitting some of the modules, because I didn't pass them. So I can get an official degree only next year.
In the meantime I would be happy to work in the UK to support my stay here and my future career.
I know it is a hard time and possibility of obtaining Tier 2 is very low, but if any of you have any opportunities or just ideas I would be more than happy to respond.
Ideally the job role would be something related to mental health (e.g. Assistant Psychologist), or otherwise any role requiring good motivation, excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and reliability would suit.
Currently I am on Student visa Tier 4 which will expire in the end of January. So it is very important for me to decide quickly.
If anyone needs my CV feel free to contact me.

All are welcome for the discussion.


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