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Want to refresh your attitude towards your career? (London)


What are the possible scenarios?

A) You had your holidays, relaxed and enjoyed time with friends and family… Now you are back to work and you have the feeling that something does not quite work for you in the office. You resist to early mornings, started to wear the same things over and over again and smile less at the people around you? You are looking forward to get out of this mood!

B) You know you are done with your company/business and it is time to go separate ways. But what is next for you? Good news: you actually know it but it is not clear to you yet. You have decided to clarify that!

C) The way you see things at work does not really serve you anymore… Remember: life is not about what is happening around you but how you respond to it! You have decided to change your mindset and press the refresh button!

D) You said “yes” to expatriation and decided to carry your life from one country to another. You are so excited and proud that you have taken this step! However, you are the “new kid in town” and want the transition to be smooth or already struggling with being brand new in your environment! You decided that you want to feel like home wherever you go!

Do you have one of these scenarios? These are your doors to transformation… You can change things the way you want. Start fulfilling your dreams!

HOW? – through coaching sessions with me. I bring my experience from HR (at L’Oreal), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Psychology and expatriation.

The structure of the sessions are as follows:

Chemistry session: A face to face meeting between the potential client and the coach to discuss the purpose of the client for having coaching and the working style of the coach. They decide if they would like to work together. The session lasts Protected content .

Discovery session: Includes a helicopter view of the client’s life, understanding their values and deciding on the areas the client would like to focus on during the following coaching sessions. Also the client and the coach design their work relationship. The session lasts 1,5-2 hours.

Coaching sessions: The client and the coach focus on helping the client reach their objectives. The session lasts 1 hour.

(Please contact me to learn about the prices and offers).

Life is not limited to your career. Similar scenarios could be happening in other areas of your life… Bring your own scenario and let’s design something that works for you!

Let’s have a conversation!

All the best,

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