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InterNations Global — Taking Online Events to the Next Level

Our online events have brought many new opportunities for InterNations, including the ability to offer exciting content to members living in areas far away from our 420 communities. They have brought the expat community around the world closer together and given us the chance to unite all our members in one big international community.

With InterNations Global, we want to continue on this path and offer a wide-reaching, high-quality online event format which is open to all members — Albatross and Basic Members alike.

Through online events ranging from thought-provoking webinars, workshops, and virtual travel to business networking and socializing events, members can truly get a taste for all the unique cultures, traditions, languages, skills, and competencies which thrive on InterNations.

How exciting is it to enter a video conference where members introduce themselves from dozens of countries around the world? With InterNations Global, we truly cross borders, bridge cultures, and connect global minds — all through a simple Zoom call.

What are the advantages of InterNations Global Events?

You can

  • attend webinars, talks, and workshops held by engaging speakers for free;
  • network quickly and efficiently in live chats and breakout rooms;
  • save time — no need to leave your home to meet with friends or network;
  • take part in spreading cultural awareness and understanding;
  • learn from experts about a myriad of topics;
  • make friends with global minds from around the world;
  • above all, have fun — smile, laugh, share stories, and feel connected!


InterNations Global Events give you the chance to make new friends and develop yourself personally and professionally at the same time. Consuls of the Global Music Group, for instance, organize festivals, showcase members’ talents at open mics, or get their groove on to funky beats, jazz sessions, or relaxing concerts. Members in the Global Share & Discuss Group talk and learn about travel, books, mental well-being, social issues, technology, and more.

Together with us here at InterNations HQ, our Global Event hosts will continuously develop and improve all the available formats and we look forward to receiving your feedback in order to help us. We expect InterNations Global to continue to evolve and diversify as time goes on.

How do you access InterNations Global?

It’s simple! Check out and join all the groups which interest you below and you will always be notified about exciting, upcoming events.


Global Business Group


Global Social Networking Café Group


Global Share & Discuss Group


Global Personal Development Group


Global Webinars & Talks Group


Global Virtual Travel Group


Global Cultural Festivities Group


Global Music Group


Global French Speaking Group


Global Skills & Crafts Group


Global Trivia & Games Group


Global Coworking Group


Global Language & Storytelling Group

You can also check out the online events calendar to see what’s going on in the Global Groups over the next few days!

Never attended an online event and don’t know what to expect?

With InterNations Global, it’s easier than ever to take part in our global community of expats and global minds. Consuls foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere to help you make new friends, discuss interesting topics, expand professional connections, or simply enjoy some time together. To attend an online event, all you have to do is select “Attend” and then “Join Meeting” on the event details page shortly before the event takes place. Events usually begin with an introduction, but sometimes go straight into the topic of the event through engaging presentations and breakout rooms, among other interactive elements. You can either exchange with other members and speakers during workshops and Q&As, or sit back, relax, and enjoy the session.

InterNations Global Events are free for all members, so take your networking to the next level and make some new friends from around the globe!

Enjoy hosting large online events yourself and want to get involved with InterNations Global? Apply for the Consul role and let us know more about your experience with hosting online events and examples of what you would like to organize.

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