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Ivan Dlouhy
"When I was offered a posting in Chisinau, I was skeptical at first. But this expat community made settling in so much easier. "
Kim Demers
"My expat friends from InterNations helped me discover Moldavia's historical and cultural heritage! "

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Bună ziua and welcome to our expat community in Moldova! Whether you are looking to relocate or have just made the move to Moldova, the InterNations expat community can help make your expat life in Moldova much easier. Simply join InterNations and start connecting with other expats and global minds. You might want to ask them questions like “how easy is it to find a job in Cahul?” or “what is the healthcare system like in Moldova?”. Whatever you need to know, the expat community in Moldova is happy to answer your questions.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you are moving to another country or going on a business trip somewhere — our communities around the world are there to make you feel at home wherever you are. Feel free to check out our vibrant InterNations Communities in countries like Philippines or Canada.

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The Eastern European country of Moldova is home to some of the best wines in Europe and some of the most beautiful and unspoiled countryside in the continent. Almost untouched by tourism, expats moving to Moldova can look forward to getting to know the local population and experiencing the authentic food and wine culture of Moldova. Its capital, Chisnau, has a lively nightlife scene and features a mix of ancient and modern historical sites, alongside its new high-rise buildings and relaxing green spaces. Many expats base themselves in the large capital and enjoy a comparatively low cost of living, while house prices can sometimes be a little expensive, though.

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As a member of InterNations, you can feel completely secure when using our network, since our platform is monitored and membership is by approval only. This ensures InterNations remains a trusted resource for information and a safe place to network. At InterNations Official Events as well as through various activities organized by fellow members, you have the chance to meet up in person with fellow expats and global minds in Moldova. You can also organize get-togethers with other like-minded expats and set up exciting groups and activities yourself to ensure you maintain the hobbies and social life you had at home. After all, connecting with other expats in your new country will help you to settle in to your new life, and make the transition to becoming an expat so much easier.

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Ivan Dlouhy
"When I was offered a posting in Chisinau, I was skeptical at first. But this expat community made settling in so much easier. "
Kim Demers
"My expat friends from InterNations helped me discover Moldavia's historical and cultural heritage! "

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