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Advice on WHEN to apartment hunt (Munich)

Hello everybody!

I will be relocating to Munich in October to start a program at TUM. I'm planning ahead, particularly since the reputation is that it is not easy to find an apartment in town!

The main idea was to come to Munich for about a week sometime before my preferred October 1 move in date to set up a bank account and hunt for an apartment. I was hoping to get everybody's advice on a couple of related issues:

Will one week be enough to see a good handful of apartments, hopefully find one I like, fill out the paperwork, and make arrangements with a landlord?

How long BEFORE my move-in date would be best for this type of search? My schedule could have me there 6 weeks before, 3 weeks before, or 1 week before. Is six weeks before too early? Is one week before too late? Note that if I visit one week before my desire move-in date, the apartment hunting trip will overlap with the beginning of Oktoberfest.

Any of your advice on the above, or anything else you think would be helpful to share, I'm excited to hear it.

Thank you everybody so much!


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