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What district: house to rent for family (Munich)


We are moving to Munich in January with 2 young kids and a dog.

We are looking for a good neighborhood to rent a house, whether a row house, semi-detached . . . just something with a small yard.

My wife's job is a few blocks from the north west corner of the English Garden, in Schwabing-Freimann.

We've looked at a few places in Schwabing and Bogenhausen via the Internet, and they look ok (expensive, but workable).

But I was wondering if their are other areas to consider, in light of where her office is located, and the potential commute. She would have a car, but public transport is preferred, if possible.

For example, what about Pasing? It looks like there is some new construction rentals there. Is that too removed from the city amenities?

Many of the expat sites also seem to suggest south or south east for families (Sendlings, Giesings, etc.)

Trying to figure how far outside the center of Munich we can go, and still be considered "in Munich".

Anyway, probably too much rambling for a first email :) But any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thx in advance!!

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