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Desperately searching for room from 4th of March!! (Munich)

Hello People,
I am searching for a room for myself..
I would come on the 4th of March..

I would take an offer even for 1 mounth, than I could keep on searching from Munich during that time..
If U find me sympatic or have a possible room, please keep on reading:

I have deceided to move to Munich, and I have no place to live from March!
I rented out my appartment in Hungary, I have prepared things to do in Munich, but this "room in Munich" question seems to be more than difficult..
I got some offers from here and got relieved 2 times, but not much later those offers took back for some reasons.. :(
I know it is alwasy difficult to let someone in, and I understood those people in their reasons/happenings/etc... but I can not take any situation like this..this is how I feel now .. :(

I hate if I need strangers help so desperately as I need it now..
But it seems I have to learn to deal wtih it. :)

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