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Found: Looking for work in Munich

I found something part time now so am very happy. Am of course able to help with the below for the remaining free time I have.

Hi everyone.
I moved here in October and have been learning German. I am looking for work. I am a British lawyer with 10 years of experience and 2.5 years of experience as a business manager but can't practice in Germany unless it's at an international Company. No luck yet, so in the mean time I offer my services as listed below. You'll see I can do lots but mainly just want to earn my keep for a bit whilst waiting to secure a 'proper job'.

On offer:
Reviewing UK legal contracts, trademarks, marketing and sales agreements.
Proof reading
Editing documents
classes on how to improve your English pronunciation. This can be done on Skype or in person within reason
Boost self esteem and encourage motivation
Help problem solve
Cook Indian meals. I'd offer a fixed price for a group of 5
I enjoy reading aloud be it stories to kids or books to adults

Please email me if interested. All rates are reasonable

I look forward to getting some interesting responses

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