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Graduate looking for job opportunities (Munich)

Hi all! My name is Luca, I am a 29 years old italian guy. I moved to Munich almost 2 months ago, since my german girlfriend lives and works here, and also because the job market in italy is not in its best historical moment (especially for highly qualified profiles).
I earned my Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Padova; after this, I decided to step up in my academic career and went to the city of Odense, to study at the University of Southern Denmark, and get the Master degree in Biology - Marine Sciences Protected content % in english). It followed a period of job search and actual work experience, but I was never entirely satisfied with what I found.
For this reason I started to improve my CV and get skills in other fields all on my own: I followed serveral courses in the IT field (Javascript, Html, CSS and Data Analysis, which I am still doing), I studied Macroeconomics and I also started to collaborate for an italian website and writing articles.
During all this almost 2 years period, I also worked and looked for jobs, studied german and moved to Munich.
I speak fluently English and Spanish, plus a good command of German and French.
At the moment, I just started to work in a german cafè/restaurant in Munich, but of course I don't consider this as an arrival point. I want to put into practice the education I gained and my skills, no matter the field.
I am very open minded in this, and I proved myself as an hard-trustworthy worker to all my previous employers, from whom I always tried to learn as much as I could.
I hope I did not write too much, and please feel free to hit me up for any kind of inquiry/advice.

Thank you very much for your patience and time, wish you all a good day ahead!

Kind regards,


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