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Housing contract - translation? (Munich)

Good evening all,

Am on my last steps of our move to Munich... Hopefully we have found a house. I'll go see it next week, and would like to proceed with contract signature shortly after seeing it.

The issue is: i have no idea of what i'll be signing. How do non-German speakers deal with that? Is there anyone that does this type of translation rather quickly, or an agency that is specialised with supporting this type of activity (I have been in touch with a relocation agency, but they provide the full relocation service and charge 2 months' rent... ...).

I got a contract for the current owner, and had it looked at. It sounds like the conditions are very standard: indefinite duration, no minimum stay, and 3 months' notice. But would like a validation before i actually put my signature on it, once i get the final one.

Thank you,

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