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Italian lawyer - searching for a career in Munich

Hi all!
I'm Paola, I'm an Italian lawyer and I actually live in Turin (Italy) but I'm planning to move to Munich more or less at the end of December. I developed experiences not only as lawyer but also as civil and commercial mediator and in an important italian public international company.

I don't speak German language but I am sure I can learn it soon, living in Munich and attending a language course, at the moment I know only English and obviously my mother language.
I'm already sending my CV to companies and law firms in Munich.

I am a dynamic woman, animated by great enthusiasm, accurate in carrying out her own duties and trustworthy.
I'd be available to get involved in new working experiences and in different job fields, due to my experience which had made me very flexible and open minded.
I love having new bets on my life and I am ready to evolve myself with new knowledges and new people too.

Feel free to text me if you need my CV or any other info about my profile and my experience.

I thank in advance everyone who can give me any opportunity or good suggestions about my search.

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