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reaction to rejected job application/no response (Munich)

Dear Expats,

i am writing about this topic, in order to get some suggestions or advises from your side about rejected application or no answers at all from companies.
Sometimes i really get pissed off, when after waiting for a long time, i receive a general refusal ( without any specific explication) or not an answer at all to my e-mails.
I consider myself quite qualified for positions in international sales ( daily contact with customers all over the world, preparation of contracts and sales offers, negotiation, successful aquisition of new customers, participation and organisation of exhibition, visits to customers in Europe and Asia) with good communication skills ( i speak fluently 5 languages) and a great team-worker.

I also noticed a huge difference between companies in Munich ( that seem more keen on in hiring foreigners but with a good professional background) and companies located in smaller cities.
Is it really possible all that? Is it maybe due to the fact that i live just since 2 years in Germany ( and even if it is very good, my german is not of a native).
It makes me really get upset the idea that in order to get a suitable job for my skills, i have to focus myself only to Munich.
Do you think that it is useless to answer to those rejection, in showing them my disappointment, or is it better just to go on?

Did you have similar experience? What is your advise about it?
I had a better opinion of german employers, but after seeing how they ignore candidates, they seem more similar to the "italian way of recruiting".

wish you a great day!


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