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Requirements For Expats to work in vietnam (Munich)

Foreigners working in Vietnam must fully meet the following conditions
1. Being full 18 years of age or older;
2. Being physically fit to work requirements;
3. Being a manager, executive or specialist as:
a/ Managers and executives are foreigners who primarily direct the management of foreign enterprises which have established commercial presence in Vietnam, receiving only general supervision or direction from the board of directors or stockholders of the enterprises or their equivalent; management of an enterprise includes directing the enterprise or a division, a department or a subordinate unit of the commercial presence, supervising and controlling the work of other supervisory, professional or managerial employees, having the authority personally to hire and fire or recommend hiring, firing or other personnel actions. These managers and executives do not directly perform tasks concerning the actual provision of the services of the commercial presence.
b/ Specialists are foreigners who possess high-level professional qualifications and technical expertise in services, research equipment, technique or management (including engineers or persons with engineer-equivalent or higher qualifications; artisans of traditional trades) and those with a lot of professional, production and business administration or management experience.
4. Not having previous conviction for infringement of national security; not facing examination of penal liability and not serving a criminal penalty as prescribed by Vietnamese or foreign law.
5. Possessing a work permit granted by a competent Vietnamese state agency, except for cases in which a work permit is not required as below:
a/ Foreigners entering Vietnam to work for a period of less than Protected content months;
b/ Foreigners who are members of limited liability companies with two or more members;
c/ Foreigners who are owners of one-member limited liability companies;
d/ Foreigners who are members of Boards of Directors of joint stock companies;
e/ Foreigners entering Vietnam to work as service salespersons;
f/ Foreigners entering Vietnam to deal with urgent circumstances, such as complicated technical and technological incidents and problems that affect or threaten to affect production and business but fall beyond the handling capacity of Vietnamese specialists and foreign specialists who are currently present in Vietnam. If they have to work for more than Protected content months in Vietnam, at the end of a three-month period, they shall carry out procedures of registration for the grant of work permits under this Decree;
g/ Foreign lawyers who possess licenses to practice law in Vietnam which are granted by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with law.

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