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Seeking employment (Munich)


I am an American recently relocated to Munich,and I am searching for suitable full-time employment within a company where I can really flourish.

My Bachelors degree in Theater was less about the nuts and bolts of theater, and more about teambuilding, learning to work together in often stressful situations where things quickly move away from the plan, and about communication in all of its forms, verbal and otherwise. It has taught me, above all, the importance of having and being part of a team, and how to build and manage relationships – even when they become difficult.

My Masters Degree in Social Sciences focused on how cultures develop. My work history in film and theater as a self-employed actor (and more recently producer) has required that I be a highly organized thinker and, in my experience, pre-planning is the necessary way to begin a project but innovative thinking is required when the project inevitably leaves the script. My years in the entertainment industry have taught me to multi-task comfortably, work in harmony with others (especially in stressful situations), and to engage challenges head on to find effective solutions. As a lifelong learner, I have developed well-honed research and analytical processes.

I am interested in obtaining a career that I would enjoy, my skill sets can fulfill, and would further my personal goals. Integrity and competence are two values that are very important to me and I want to ensure that I am supporting an organization that also values them.

If you think we may be a good connection, please contact me.

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