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tourist guide/tour escort job (Munich)

hello internations friends!
me and my boyfriend moved to munich on may, 6th and are now looking for a job. we're going to start a german course (b2 level for me, beginners for him), that's why we'd prefer a part-time one, even if the most important thing, at the moment, would be the course, unless we find a job that requires just english/italian, that would be great.
anyway, he's good IT skills, while, about me, i've always worked in the touristic field (airport, cruise ships, international events). if anyone could give me any advices, we would really appreciate it! in particular, i'd really like to know how can i become a tourist guide here in munich, i mean, do i need to get a particular qualification or something? or i just need to write to tourist guide websites and pray them to take me in consideration?? :D thank you very much!!!! byeeeeeeeeee!!!

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