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Discovering an Italian artist in Paris


I would like to introduce you a very interesting italian painter I personally know, her name is ANTONELLA CAPPUCCIO MUCCINO and she was born in Ischia ( a very beautiful island by Naples , in the South of Italy) and she lives in Rome, she is also the mother of a famous italian actor and a famous italian film director, so the " art" is in the DNA of the family.

On december 15th she will start in Paris her exhibition wich will be on in Paris until december 31st
Her way of painting is very unusual, particular, impressive and beautiful.She has declared that "It's extraordinary to discover as time does not exist in art ... painting with its colors, its atmosphere, its lights, allows magically the artist( and not only) to come back to " retracing the steps".
After years of studies and research she arrived to create a painting using different type of papers, so PAPER became the colors and the brush...creating volumes and trasparences.
After years of painting, studying and further research "retracing her steps," she was surprised to find out that her work was becoming "younger" According to this painter the art is " to find again the childhood"...

Waiting for you to introduce you this wonderful italian painter in Paris
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