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A point in the right direction. (Quito)


Hey everyone.
I have recently returned home from a couple of years traveling.However I did not make it to South America.
Along my journeys I came into contact with many Ecuadorians (Mainly in the USA) I really found enjoyment in the ecuadorian people, culture and food. So Ecuador is the place I want to start my next exploration.
The problem is I need to find a job first. Trying to do this on the internet has become very frustrating because of my language disadvantage (my Spanish is intermediate)
I am a Chef by profession and in a kitchen, food is a universal language so i'm sure I would have no problems fitting in. English is also my mother tongue and I would enjoy teaching until I could find something more suited to my field.I would like to leave for Ecuador as soon as possible. Hopefully I'll see you soon.

Any help or advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me at Protected content

Thank you
Trevor du Bois

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