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Job? (Quito)


Hello All!

I am currently working as a teacher here in Quito and have a contract for next year so this is not a desperate call for help. However, I wanted to see if there were any jobs out there that might be a better fit. I have a math degree and an education degree. I have had extensive training in teaching ELLs.

I am looking at any and all possibilities for jobs - not only teaching opportunities. I realize this request is rather broad but this is on purpose - I am interested in any leads about any sort of full time job. Need an English speaking guide? Call me! Need someone to head up your office and keep things organized and running well? Let me know! Need a little help translating documents? I can help you with that! I am easygoing, friendly, and take great pride in whatever work I have the opportunity to do.

If you have heard about a job that will open up in September/October of this year, let me know! I would love to hear about it!

Thank you, Internations community!

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