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2 SUPERSIZED bedrooms each with separate bathroom (Shanghai)

2 SUPERSIZED bedrooms each with separate bathroom in Korean Town for rent, near Line 9 Hechuan Road & Line 10 Longbai New Village

1.Located in Kansu Gangnam 3rd phase (锦绣江南三期), the apartment has a supersize of Protected content (i.e. Protected content with 4 bedrooms Protected content + 4 locker rooms + shared kitchen + shared living room + shared laundry room four rooms;

2.Suitable for colleagues or friends of four people to share the rent and suitable for those who pursue the balance of quality of life and cost effectiveness;

3.Equipped with three-constant system to ensure year-round constant temperature, humidity and oxygen level; the annual temperatures remain at Protected content , humidity of about 50%, PM2.5 within 50;this system is equipped in only premium and luxury apartments. One-price all-inclusive utility fees (including electronic, water, gas, cable, high-speed network and property management fees) may be capped at a low fixed price;

4.The apartment is in the residential area with the best environment in the community, along with a group of Villas in the same area; and this residential area has a low volume ratio, high self-occupancy rate, and sufficient parking spaces. The offering of such high-quality shared apartment with reasonable (and comparable lower price) in this community is very rare;

5.Close to Line 9 Hechuan Road, Line 10 Longbai New village; close to Korea Street, Wanxiang City, Aegean Shopping Center, Caohejing Development Zone, and Foreigner Street, convenient for both work and life.

6.Apartment with equivalent decoration level in the same residential area are charged no less than RMB 25,000 per month for rent; due to that the apartment is on the ground floor, you would enjoy deep discount for this rental, and the value of this apartment will be highlighted.

7.At present, two female Korean students are accommodated, and therefore female tenants will be sincerely welcome.

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