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Accommodation near Xuhui (Shanghai)


Hej community people,

I am going to move to Shanghai on 10th of March and want to ask if someone of you knows someone with a room/small apartment for rent. I would like NOT to stay with other expats, but rather get in contact with locals. I know it might seem a little contradictory to post such a request in an expat forum, but I think many here should know/be locals as well.
I am fluent in Mandarin and have lived in China for a year, so there should not be a big cultural or language barrier for that.

Or maybe you can give me some advice where to look for apartments?

My company is right next to the Stadium, so something near Xuhui would be good, but I am also fine with riding subway for - let's say - up to 40 Minutes to get there.

Many thanks in advance and anyways, see you around!

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