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ideas....guidance......HELP! (Shanghai)

I am finally in shanghai and now looking into apartments. I am looking on and it seems you can find a decent 2 br for tops Protected content in suzhou creek (putuo district).or COSCO two bay city . I work in Hongkou but dont want to live there so suzhou creek is a good place to split the distance for me and my boyfriends commute. aLSO i DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN jIng'an, peoples square or south of line 2. the problem I am having is that none of the agents I call speak english and the people that I know that speek chinese have conflicting schedules. I am going to the area tomorrow with a friend that speeks some chinese and hope to find an apartment. If I dont find something does anyone have an english speaking agent thats not going to try to push expat areas and prices on me. I have done so much research that I know whats available....I dont want to be taken advantage of because I am a westerner!

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