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Advices for finding an international job (The Hague)

Hi everyone,

I have recently moved to the Hague in order to join my French husband who will be residing in the Netherlands at least for the next 3 years. I now officially have my residential and working permit, so I am looking for English speaking jobs suitable to my personal and professional qualifications. Until last month, I have been working as a press adviser in an Embassy in my homeland for almost 2 years and I was responsible for media follow up, media relations and communication. I have a very international academic background (a year in the UK as an Erasmus student and a masters degree from Germany, and dozens of international conferences) and professional background with perfect level in English, basic German and French language knowledge. I am looking for tips to find a serious job that will push my limits and help me gain more expertise.

To introduce myself moreI consider myself as a dynamic professional with an affinity for international and domestic affairs, who utilizes analytic thinking, leadership and teamwork to analyze politics and to deal with communication matters with additional journalistic, diplomacy and organizational skills. I have worked as a media consultant who has 2+ years of experience in publishing newsletters and news bulletins, working for or closely with the media institutions and newspapers and directing Press teams of several international conferences. I happen to be an interdisciplinary academic who focuses on international relations, security studies, journalism, Middle Eastern politics and financially related to professional translation and media consultancy specifically on the Turkish politics. Academically speaking, I am an expert on European Union and International Relations, with excellent skills in both written and spoken English, along with elementary German and French language knowledge. I belive that I am an effective communicator and excellent analyst with the ability to create working environments which promotes openness and efficiency for both colleagues and supervisors.

Any kind of tips to find an international job for me would be well appreciated! Please do have a look at my LinkedIn account for more information.

Thanks in advance.

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