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Looking for work as a Musician/Educator (Utrecht)

My husband and I are offering our skills as professional musicians and educators. We currently live in Chicago, USA and are planning a move to the Netherlands. Currently, I'm teaching at a college (jazz vocal ensemble and private jazz voice lessons) and am the Director of Music Admissions. My husband teaches saxophone, flute and jazz improv (all instruments) at a jazz school in Chicago. We both play live music ranging from Jazz, Pop/Rock/Blues, and Classical in concert venues, churches, at wedding ceremonies/receptions and for recording projects.

We are also looking for conversations with American Expats living in the Netherlands who are professional musicians/music educators and have small children (also other self-employed artist types). Even if you have no children, we'd still like to talk with you. We are trying to build a life in Holland and are looking to make connections to help make the transition as smooth as possible. We'd like to learn more about the professional music scene, work/life integration (daycare, schooling, etc…), music teaching opportunities, church life, affordable living areas (rental home, detached single-family), and other related issues. We are avid Skype people so that's a great way for us to chat!

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