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Home needed for beautiful 2 mnth old Bali pup

Hi, please just read this before discounting as if you cant help you may hear of or know someone who can - I have been urged by BAWA, BARCs and Villa Kitty (the animal welfare organizations in Bali ) to network hard to save this pup as they are all sadly unable to take her at this time, overwhelmed themselves with pressing re-homing needs and more supply than demand. I picked this small female pup up late Saturday night in Jalan Raya Ubud with the intention of taking her to BAWA or BARCs the following day. I was shocked to find out those doors were firmly closed in my face - and now have a very urgent problem as I CANNOT keep her short term or long term, I am leaving at the end of October and not allowed to have pets at my accommodation. I am willing to cover all her immediate and near future vet bills to give her the best start in life (worming, vaccinate, spay). She is only 2 months old and very small, about he size of an adult chihuahua. She is a real Bali dog and will be small about 14 kgs fully grown - she is black with white tip on tail 4 white paws and 2 white socks a thin white stripe down the middle of her nose. If you can help please email me on Protected content or phone mobile Protected content . I have contacted Bali Dog Half Way House as well but have had no reply yet, but am still hopeful they can help. I have photos - she is healthy; eating, drinking water, sleeps through entire night and naps well during day - normal puppy stuff. She asks to go out for a pee. I have had her 3 days and she is a very good girl and obviously has had a good start in life. I really need your support - I am not a tourist being irresponsible - I rescued a dog in need - found that their is no shelter or refuge and I am not a permanent resident. I am a full time University student returning to Australia at the end of October. I never had any intention of keeping her, but I couldn't not pick her up that night. If you can help I'd be in your debt and hers and am happy to be involved in her future financially if required and as I am able. I will transport her to you. Kind Regards Tracey. I have pictures. My preferred contact is by email or phone. Thank you

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