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How can I stop Backpacking and back to reality? (Beijing)

Hi everyone,

Recently I have just been through the disastrous week. It was my second month in Beijing and last week, I broke up with a British guy and then I lost my wallet going out in the club (definitely someone stole it), then I quit my job (I have just been there only 3 weeks but I really can't endure my boss insult, well, kind of).

After I talking with some of my friends, they thought that all the unlucky was because I am still in my backpacking life. I am too chilled, and I still keep my life like the way I did in the last three years. I have been studying two years in Australia and after that I took a year backpacking Oceania and Indonesia. I got used to work(or study), then having bunch of people drinking and chatting together. The normal 'work and stay' life, like most of my friends really freak me out, especially when all my chinese friends in Beijing all live in the North Beijing and they have no interest at all to bars and clubs. At first, I joined their shopping or dining activities a bit then I just refused to go coz I am picky on food (keep half vegetarian, no spicy, no street food...) and have no interest in shopping all the time. I will save money to go out, still very backpacker.

As to my boss, I am ok with people talking with me about the work but can't put up with people shouting or even insulting things like, you are smart and with your two degrees but have no ability at all; you just do whatever I told you; Why don't you get my point (coz you didn't say it and I am the new trainee), etc…

After that disastrous week, I pretty much went out every two days to meet people I knew from couch surfing, just talking and drinking, dancing until early morning and I found myself a bit obsessed about it.

I really hope before my 25 years old birthday, which is the next day of the new year, I can have a new me, back to reality and do what I need to do.

Can anyone give me some advices how to come back to life?
P.s I am actually a very positive person and just got a bit confused, my motto is another day, another dollar unless I have something unsorted in my mind and I will try to find a way to work it out.


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