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Jan-Peter van Tijk
"I wish I'd found InterNations sooner: It would have made my first few month as an expat in London much less overwhelming."
Therese Yeboah
"For me, the InterNations events are the best part. I attend almost every get-together and always get to know lots of friendly fellow expats."

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Hello and a warm welcome to our expat community in Liverpool! Here at InterNations we are a friendly community that assist expats from all over the world to begin life in their newly chosen location. As part of the InterNations Community, you can learn from the valuable knowledge and experience of our members. You can find answers to all the questions you may have about starting your new life in Liverpool. Hundreds of members have used the forum to find out the answers to questions such as, "where is the best place to live in Liverpool?" or "How good are the transportation links in Liverpool?". You may even have practical questions about paperwork. Whatever it is, your fellow expats are here to help.

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  • Moving to Liverpool

    Are you planning to move to Liverpool? An exciting expat life will be waiting for you. Liverpool’s cultural richness, ethnic diversity, fast growing economy and affordable housing are among the advantages of moving to one of the most famous British cities. All you need to know, right here!
  • Living in Liverpool

    The Beatles, football, and Ferry Cross the Mersey are all synonymous with this multicultural city. But life in Liverpool offers so much more. With striking architecture, affordable housing, and one of England’s fastest growing economies, it’s not hard to see why Liverpool is a top destination for expats.
  • Working in Liverpool

    With one of the England’s top economies, Liverpool has been attracting many expats that are looking to find different kind of job opportunities. The tourism industry still plays an important role and does the retail sector. Get info on visas, job hunting and more in our guide!

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What You Can Expect from Life in Liverpool

Liverpool, home of legendary band The Beatles, is a friendly and vibrant city. The city attracts expats from all over the world, and it's not difficult to see why. Liverpool has an excellent shopping and entertainment scene, and with a fantastic range of the best stores the UK has to offer you will be spoiled for choice. Not only that, you can take advantage of the excellent restaurants, bars, and leisure activities Liverpool has to offer. Moreover, if you are more a creature of culture, you might find yourself visiting some of Liverpool's world famous museums. However, it's not all play in Liverpool; there is also a great deal of opportunity for anyone looking to start business or a new career in this booming city.

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Joining InterNations will provide you with the opportunity to become part of a friendly community of global minds like yourself who have made this journey before. You will have access to the wealth of knowledge acquired by our members, who will always answer your questions with honesty and integrity. You can also benefit from one of our real life events where you can make new friends or join one of our groups to learn a new hobby. InterNations can help you settle into your new life with ease.

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