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Salary Negotiations (Cologne)

Hello Cologne Folk,

I am in desperate need of some sage advice for upcoming salary negotiations.

My Profile:

Canadian Citizen, International MBA, Bachelor of Commerce, 2 years of varied experience Protected content old.


Sales Operations Analyst for major Asian automotive company.

Question 1:

Based o a one page description of the job I quoted my salary expectations as Protected content net. Is this too high/low? I basically told them in the interview that based on my better understanding of the job they could throw those numbers out the door.

Question 2:

What process might I expect? I am slated to receive the offer shortly and then I may choose to ask "is this negotiable?" If the answer is "yes, we can discuss this" what can I expect in regards to process?

Question 3:

Are there any must-do's or don't I should be aware of? I really like the job - I just want to make sure I get a fair deal, as I have lots of loans to pay off!

Thanks so much!

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