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Mexico City Offers Expats a Rich Culture & Low Costs ...

... but safety concerns remain in Mexico’s capital city.

Overall, Mexico City places 7th out of 49 in the Expat City Ranking 2023. It’s the place with the 2nd friendliest population, and it ranks among the top 10 for its general cost of living (7th). Personal Finances (5th) are indeed a breeze for expats: three in four (75%) are happy with their financial situation there (vs. 58% globally).

And according to the Ease of Settling In Index (3rd), the locals make life in Mexico City even sweeter. In fact, 85% say that the local population is friendly specifically towards foreign residents (vs. 65% globally). Getting used to Mexican culture (6th) is also no problem, which may help explain why expats feel so at home (5th) there.

However, Mexico City ranks last globally for personal safety (49th) and among the bottom 5 for Quality of Life (45th). Healthcare is not much better: expats report that it’s not easily available (45th) and of poor quality (44th). On the bright side, they rank the city 1st for its culinary variety and dining options, and 93% enjoy the culture and nightlife (vs. 68% globally).

The Expat Essentials Index (26th) also shows some highs and lows. A staggering 73% find it difficult to deal with the local bureaucracy/authorities (vs. 38% globally), but the majority (69%) say that it’s easy to find housing in Mexico City (vs. 49% globally). Survey respondents are also happy with the Working Abroad Index (20th). Expats feel paid fairly (4th) and see a purpose in their work (2nd). Another 71% are happy with their personal career opportunities, compared to 57% globally.

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