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Living in Cincinnati

A comprehensive guide about living well in Cincinnati

If you are looking for friendly fellow citizens, quality leisure time, sports as well as outdoor activities, and reaching everything and everyone extremely easily, Cincinnati is the right city for you! In this article, we introduces you to expat life in Cincinnati.

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Life in Cincinnati

Culture and Leisure in Cincinnati

Expatriates considering life in Cincinnati will find numerous cultural and leisure activities that will suit a variety of tastes. A key location for museums, libraries, films, and exhibitions is the Cincinnati Museum Center, which contains the Cincinnati History Museum, OMNIMAX Theatre, Duke Energy Children’s Museum and various archives and research institutes.

Sport has a long heritage within the city and Cincinnati was the home of the world’s first professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, who formed in 1869. This team is now simply called the Cincinnati Reds and always opens their playing season in their home stadium of Great American Ball Park.

Cincinnati’s Graeter’s Ice cream is a citywide institution and has been operating since 1870. Offering desserts and baked goods, the company is now run by original owner Louis Graeter’s great grandchildren. Another local specialty is Cincinnati-style chili, which is made with sweet spices and, often, chocolate.

Cincinnati is proud of its rich European, particularly German, heritage and annually plays host to the largest Oktoberfest outside of Munich (the city also boasts several major breweries of their own). If you are looking for snacks to go with your beer, Pretzels are also incredibly popular and a local stalwart is Servatii’s, who also offer oversized pretzels (think 6lb / 2.7kg) for parties. The city is also known for its German goetta (breakfast sausage) production and an annual and rather quirky Goettafest is held on the Kentucky side of the city.

The region has much to offer in terms of outdoor activities and spectacular natural environments. For example, located just 75 miles (120 kilometers)to the east of the city you will find the Edge of Appalachia nature reserve (also known as The Edge), which is made up of 16,000 acres of rich biodiversity, prairies, and creeks.

Transportation in Cincinnati

As with any location in the United States, having your own transportation is somewhat essential while living in Cincinnati. Cars and other vehicles can be bought from a dealer in Cincinnati or picked up from local classifieds. Generally any forum, website, or local newspaper that contains listings for rentals and jobs will also include a section for vehicles. Renting a car for an extended period of time can also be a good option, especially if your relocation has a fixed term.

Downtown Cincinnati is easily navigable on foot, however, there is also a frequent and reliable bus service with routes in and around the city center and out to the suburbs. Amtrak offers rail services to nearby Chicago and Indianapolis and further destinations such as Washington and New York. Alternatively, these trips can be made by bus using operators such as Greyhound or Megabus.

Cincinnati’s main airport is The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and is located on the Kentucky side of the city. Nonstop flights are available to destinations all over the United States, and also to some international destinations such as Paris and the Dominican Republic.

Safety and Security in Cincinnati

Expatriates planning a relocation to Cincinnati need not be overly concerned about their personal safety and security when in the city. That said, it is wise to exercise all the regular caution you would in any city anywhere in the world. There are slightly higher crime rates for neighborhoods such as Over-the-Rhine (OTR) which is a historic and trendy neighborhood popular with young professionals, artists, musicians and other creative individuals. This crime rate, however, has consistently fallen year by year and police patrols are regular throughout the whole city.

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Updated on: October 14, 2021
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