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Hello and welcome to InterNations Omaha, the social network especially created to support you as you relocate abroad. Our range of guide articles and advice are there to help you overcome any barriers or dilemmas you may face as you join the expat population of this eclectic city. You'll have access to the support and reassurance that you are part of our global community of knowledgeable expats. In our busy social forum, you can pose any queries or voice your concerns to our friendly members, who possess a huge collection of unique insider tips ready to be shared with newcomers. Whatever questions you have, from "how do I obtain a work permit?" to "where's the best sports massage in town?", InterNations has all the answers to start your new adventure in Omaha.

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  • Moving to Omaha

    Omaha is a city of contrasts, with many millionaires but still many people living below the poverty line. Make sure you are well prepared for your move to Omaha by reading up on the city and its climate, as well how to best find accommodation in Omaha.
  • Living in Omaha

    Omaha is a relatively safe place and thanks to the many students and the lively cultural scene, the city offers both a bustling nightlife and many leisure activities, from the creative to the sport-oriented. Find out more about life in Omaha, from transportation to safety in this guide.
  • Working in Omaha

    Omaha has different industries and a vibrant start-up scene, therefore the job opportunities for expats are diverse and numerous, either in the city or in the surrounding areas. Find out how to apply for a job and successfully start a career in this article!

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Sports, Tourism, and History in Omaha

It'll be difficult for expats to resist joining the tourists as they check out Omaha's biggest attraction: Henry Doorley Zoo — it has the largest nocturnal exhibit, indoor rainforest, and indoor desert in the world. Sports are also a big part of everyday life in the city, including the popular sport of roller derby, where the Omaha Rollergirls represent Omaha. With plenty of history, sports, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences, it's unsurprising that tourism is one of Omaha's main industries. The city also relies on banking, insurance, telecommunications, architecture, construction, and transportation.

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However excited you may feel about relocating, we know that it can be intimidating, too! That's why we make extra efforts to ensure that you can build a supportive circle of friends. At our regular InterNations Official Events, our expats meet and have fun in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere and soon start making plans to explore the city together. An important part of your relocation will also be finding ways to pursue your own interests in the city and InterNations Groups are a great way to find like-minded expats to share that with and join in on activities. We invite you to take advantage of all that InterNations has to offer as you journey forwards to an exciting future in Omaha.

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