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Brian Norris

"When first moving to Washington, D.C., I didn't know many people outside of the office. InterNations has changed that with some exciting events."

Caroline Stiles

"In such an international city such as Washington, D.C. InterNations holds great events for everyone to network and enjoy themselves."

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Hello, and a very warm welcome to our Tampa Bay expat community! InterNations is a worldwide network for international people around the world. By joining InterNations, you can connect with other global minds, both online and offline, and find information about living and working abroad. With help from the information in our guide articles or tips given by helpful expats in our forums, we can assist you in getting connected and nestled into your new location. With InterNations, you have the key to a vast amount of information provided by our expert members. How do they know so much? Well, they've done it all before! They can answer your questions about moving to Tampa Bay such as, "how do you get a work permit?" or "where can I learn English in Tampa Bay?". Our expert members can also provide school and residence recommendations should you need them, making your transition hassle-free.

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  • Moving to Tampa Bay

    If you are planning on moving to Tampa, you can in this article read up on the features of this multicultural harbor city, with a subtropical climate and many work opportunities, as well as get information on local accommodation options and more.
  • Living in Tampa Bay

    Tampa is a city in the sunny Florida with much to offer to expats: from a rich history to many museums and stadiums, a wide range of opportunities makes the area a top destination for people from all over the world. Learn all about local transportation, heathcare and more in this article.
  • Working in Tampa Bay

    Home of many different industries operating in a wide range of sectors, the Tampa Bay area offers many work opportunities to expats with different skills and qualification levels. In this article, we take a closer look at the local economy, income taxation, and more.

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What You Can Expect from Your Life in Tampa Bay

With both a vibrant city and beautiful beach lifestyle, Tampa Bay has it all. Situated in the Sunshine State, Tampa Bay is a haven for expats from all over the world. With fantastic beaches, bustling nightlife, and a busy business district, Tampa Bay offers great opportunities for all expats. Whether you're looking forward to glorious sunshine, diverse culture, or starting a high flying career, you can be sure you'll enjoy your time in Tampa Bay, especially when you can learn from other expats in the area through InterNations or even join them for one of our real life events in Tampa Bay!

InterNations: The Easiest Way to Grow Your Expat Network in Tampa Bay

Our community here at InterNations is developed, well organized, and well informed. We also implement some guiding principles to ensure all our members remain polite and answer questions genuinely. You can ask anything you like about your new life and get an honest answer from someone who's done it all before. Or why not join some of your fellow expats at one of our real life event or by joining one of our groups? Keeping up your hobbies can be one of the most difficult things about moving, but whatever it is you're into, you can be sure you'll find someone willing to share the experience. Our community can also give advice on the best place to learn English, get together for drinks, or make new friends. As an InterNations member, you don't have to go through the hassle of moving alone — your fellow expats are always happy to help!

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