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Living in Strasbourg

A comprehensive guide about living well in Strasbourg

Living in Strasbourg means life in an internationally connected city with fascinating cultural roots. Get prepared for life in Strasbourg with details on local transportation, education and more, all found in our guide.

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Life in Strasbourg

Education in Strasbourg

France’s educational structure comprises compulsory education for students aged between six and sixteen. State education is usually secular, with mixed-sex classes, and is provided for free. However, private education is also available, which includes most international and religious based schools.

There are several schools located in Strasbourg itself which include religious schools such as College Saint Etienne, a Catholic school which caters for students between the ages of six and sixteen; private schools such as Sainte-Clotilde and international schools such as the European School of Strasbourg and Lucie Berger Bilingual International School.

Primary and secondary state schooling is primarily delivered in French, however, international schools can offer education in alternative languages such as English. The Council of International Schools is a non-profit organization which provides parents, students and teachers with details of most international schools in France as well as some useful resources.

For those specifically looking for English-speaking schools, the English Language Schools Association of France provides up to date information on schools teaching in English which offer American or British curriculums.

The Inspection of Nationale Education De Strasbourg is the local government department responsible for the provision of education in the Strasbourg area. Their website offers comprehensive information on Strasbourg’s educational structure as well as details of how to apply for places for the coming school year.

Transportation in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is ideally located for access across Europe; the city has its own airport, Strasbourg International Airport, located in Entzheim west-southwest of the city, served by several airlines providing regular domestic and international flights.

Transportation within the city itself is centered upon rail and tram infrastructure, as well as cycling and pedestrian initiatives. The center has been transformed into a pedestrianized area, with over 500 km of bicycle paths to encourage the use of these modes of transport, in an effort to reduce congestion and pollution. Whilst cars are still allowed into the city, access is restricted in the city center.

The tram and bicycle infrastructures are managed by the regional transit company Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois, who also offer a cost effective bike sharing scheme for commuters in Strasbourg.

Culture and Leisure

Strasbourg; as you may expect for such an internationally connected city, is swathed in culture. The city offers visitors and residents access to institutions of renown, including one of the longest established philharmonic orchestras, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg and venues such as Théâtre National de Strasbourg and Opéra National du Rhin.

With strong musical roots, the city is host to several notable musical events such as Festival International de Strasbourg, founded in 1932, as well as film festivals including Spectre Film Festival, devoted films in the genre of science fiction and the annual The Strasbourg International Film Festival, which celebrates new and emerging talents in international film-making.

In addition, Strasbourg is also home to the second largest library in France, the Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire, which has a collection of over 3 million titles, and, as one of the earliest centers of book printing in Europe, holds an impressive collection of books printed prior to 1500, known as Incunabula.

Strasbourg also plays a central role in French and European politics and is the home of over twenty international institutions, including the European Parliament, European Ombudsmen, and the Centre for European Studies and the Council of Europe.

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Updated on: July 03, 2015

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