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Working in Strasbourg

Find out how to get a job and work in Strasbourg

Strasbourg has an important role in the European legislative infrastructure and is renowned for its international economy and the opportunities that this global reach affords its workforce. Discover these opportunities and learn all you need to know about work permits and more in this article.

Employment in Strasbourg

Local Economy

In addition to a strong legal and political background, Strasbourg is also one of the three financial centers in France. Its infamous university, Université de Strasbourg has also brought the city a reputation for being at the forefront of research and innovation; with Strasbourg’s economy being a strong international contender in a variety of sectors which include transportation solutions, healthcare therapies, medical technology, fibrous materials, water quality management and positive-energy architecture.

Strasbourg’s proximity to the German border and its comprehensive transport links both nationally and internationally, enables businesses to connect with major markets across the world, offering an excellent base for companies large and small and an eclectic mix of industry.

Job Hunting in Strasbourg

All cities in France have a Pôle Emploi agency which is a free of charge government initiative that will help individuals to find and apply for local positions. Attached to the Pôle Emploi there is also the European Employment Network which is dedicated to the international and can offer direction and advice for job-seekers entering France.

Companies also tend to use a combination of direct advertising and recruitment agencies to help fill their positions, with France offering the Managerial Staff Employment Association to employers looking to fill mid to senior managerial roles.

Professional publications for the industry into which you are looking to enter advertise vacancies alongside some key information which may be of benefit whilst acclimatizing to the local economy.

Residence and Work Permits for Strasbourg

In case you are not from an EU or EEA member state — citizens of which are free to live and work in France — you will have to make sure you have the right permits for your stay. For your first year in France, some long stay visas will also afford you with the rights of a residency visa, this applies to visas for spouses of French nationals, study visas, visitors’ visas and some work visas. In these cases, entrants to France should report to Office Français d’Immigration et d’Intégration who will provide you with an appointment for a medical examination and to pay your residency fees, this is then renewed annually.

For all other foreign nationals in possession of a long stay visa, a residence permit must be applied for.

Work visas are subject to status and to specific preliminary procedures. However, as a general guide any foreign national arriving in France on a short stay visa many not seek or take up work or obtain an employment contract. 

If you intend to take up residence and salaried employment, your prospective employer must have your contract of employment approved in advance by the Regional directorate for enterprises, competition, consumption, work and employment (DIRECCTE) prior to your visa application being submitted.

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Updated on: November 25, 2021
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