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Australian looking to move to USA! (Los Angeles)

Hi Everyone,

I have just discovered InterNations and I am SO happy! It has always been my goal to live and work in the US, but it can be so hard sometimes to find information on how to make the move. I would love to hear your experiences!

For context, I'm an Australian with a bachelor's degree in commerce (human resource management major) coupled with 5 years' experience in the field of HR. I am currently working as a Human Resources Advisor and have worked in the mining/construction/manufacturing industry for most of my career. I am particularly interested in the entertainment & media industry; part of the reason I would like to make the move is where I'm from is a predominantly mining city.

I have been researching moving to the US for about 3 years now and am hoping to obtain an E3 visa; the hard part is to get a visa you need to find an employer willing to sponsor you! I can't imagine employers would be willing to sponsor someone from the other side of the world, so am looking to make the move on my own accord within the next couple of years.

Are you able to please tell me:

- What field do you work in and where are you from?
- How easy was it for you to get interviews?
- Do you think HR is considered a 'specialist' enough field to warrant visa sponsorship?
- What did you explain to your employer during the interview, to advise you would require sponsorship?

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!!


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