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Creative & Print business trying to move to LA (Los Angeles)

Hi to all
My name is Nikolas and i am a Graphic Designer / Print Specialist with more than 17 years experience in Design Print & signage industry.
I visited LA a year ago and stayed for 3 months as i have relatives living in Santa Monica and fell in love with the city. A lot of people i met suggested i move my business there and after i returned back to Greece this grew into my head more and more .I did my research and most of the people i talked to ended up telling me to get married with an American lady as this is what most do. The idea sounds great as most women in LA are gorgeous and i am single , but getting married just for a visa is something i can't do. I own and run a fully equipped Print shop and i would like to ask if a moving my shop in LA and doing a partnership would solve the visa issues ?

Thank you in advance

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