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Foreign Students: Navigating Today's Job Market (Los Angeles)

Good evening!

Tonight, my heart goes out to some of the global mind members in our community. They relocated to LA as ‪international‬ ‪students‬ to pursue higher education, gain professional experience and eventually find jobs they love.

Did you know that international students in the United States contributed to more than 31 billion dollars last year in education and living expenses? (See video Protected content

But sadly, they are facing uphill battle to secure jobs in the USA because of legal and social barriers.

I pray that all the new graduate foreign students will continue to believe in themselves even if no one else do. And, students and or ‪‎professionals‬, if no one wants to sponsor and hire you, don't disqualify yourself and loose faith. There is greatness in you.

Before I go, I suggest that you learn to answer the following questions. They will you help you articulate your unique promise of value, stand out on your market, make a bigger impact and inspire the right people to do business with you (or refer you to right ones).
- Who are you?
- What do you have?
- Why should I care?
- What makes you unique? What is special about you? What most strongly sets you apart from your peers?
- Why do you what you do? What is your cause? What is your purpose?
- Which specific problems can you solve? What do you do better than anyone else?
- What do people frequently compliment you on or praise you for?
- What adjectives do people consistently use to describe you – perhaps when they’re introducing you to others?
- What energizes or ignites you? What are your true passions?

And lastly, I suggest that you watch this video from my mentor, Les Brown. In this video, he reveals some keys elements to maintain a positive mindset Protected content

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