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Business coming to LA - Help with Visa Stuff (Los Angeles)

HI Guys/Girls - I am an Aussie launching (with 4 partners who are all American) a retail business (we sell wholesale / no retail front) in August to California.

I really want to come out for a few years to focus 100% on the success of the business. The scope is awesome & we've been in R&D for 2 years now.

I thought I would ask about folk who have moved out to the USA & how they did it?

So far looking at B2 (short-term 6 months) & E2 (worried that immigration might not be attracted to brand new startups with no "track-record on the books e.g. no auditable finance P/L & past)...

Love to hear experiences. PM me or respond here if you have great insights. I am NOT looking to stay in the country. I've lived all over the world so right now, we're looking at Protected content which is the max I have spent anywhere & then head south.

Great to hear from other entrepreneurs who have similar experiences & ideally "success stories" & possible advice, contacts etc...

Thanks so much!

There is beer in it when I arrive ;)


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