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Stressed, overweight, depressed? See below... (Los Angeles)

Is your job demanding and poses long-term stress on you? With having no time you have unregular feeding habits, being maybe overweight, having hormonal imbalance (thyroid hormones, cortisol, insulin) or simply, being in the mid age and observe changes like perimenopausal or andropause symptoms. Are you having problems like being nervous? Depressive? Having low energy? You are getting fat with the same diet that you had for years? You have memory problems? Dry skin, dull hair? Feeling bloated? HEALTHIA®can help you.
HEALTHIA® ONLINE Coaching (over Skype) can help you fight the problems mentioned above with FREE 20 minutes for more info. I hold Master of Philosophy, being specialized in physiology – so coaching all is aligned with the latest medical healthcare guidelines. You can like the HEALTHIA_by DarjaR FB page: Protected content or contact me for ONLINE coaching. Welcome to visit HEALTHIA®: Protected content (soon available). I'll be glad to help you out and to feel healthy again!

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