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Swede looking for LA Job (Los Angeles)


My name is Sophia, I am 20 year old from the Swedish east-coast, I am right now, looking for jobs in Los Angeles, since that is my dreamplace to go and live. I am used to live outside my own borders, I lived and worked as a Nanny in paris for 2 1/2 months and I also lived and studied in Brighton for 4 months. I studied High Level Advanced English so I am fluent in reading, speaking and writing english ( US english).

I like sports, for ex football, beach volleyball, swimming, HORSES and badminton. I also photograph alot, have large skills in sewing since I studied fashion/Design for three years in high school, I photograph alot and have skills in computers and computer editing. I love hanging with my friends, make them laugh and I love to entertain.

I am looking for jobs in the restaurant, bar, cafe, hotel, clothing-shop, seamstress and nanny business. I do not have any actual experience in the bar and hotel business but I am very keen to learn!

In hope anyone hear to me!

my e-mail is: Protected content

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