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Members' Choice

For a Consul that consistently receives high ratings from our new feedback feature, as well as lots of positive feedback and comments from our members.


Winner: Mathias Morgenroth — Kuala Lumpur

Honorable Mention: Emel Kologlu — Stuttgart


Why They Won

When making their selection, the Global Awards Jury considered Consuls with a strong connection to our members. The Members’ Choice Award reflects how they meet a wide variety of unique expectations and needs based on their particular group and their community as a whole.

This year’s winner was Mathias, who is Consul in our Kuala Lumpur Community. We appreciate all of his continued dedication to not only the purpose of his group but to his members who show for themselves how happy and versatile his activities continue to be.

In your opinion, what do members seem to appreciate most about your group and activities?

With our Brunch & Breakfast Group, we have established a wonderful group of “friends” who like to meet each other and talk about random and current topics. At every event, we usually have a newcomer to our group, who is always most welcomed, and who normally also enjoys our relaxed and cozy get-togethers and our nice conversations. Nobody will be left behind, every attendee will be integrated into our conversations, not only by me, but also by our “core group” of regular attendees, who I can call my friends already. We always have fun together and make every single event unique. I also listen to the requests of our group members and try to realize their requests of improvements and/or places where they would like to meet next, no matter if it’s a new place or a well-known one. If it meets my requirements as a Consul, I’m happy to put a plan into action. Our members appreciate that a lot and show it by joining the events regularly.

What is some of the best feedback you’ve received from members?

Besides lovely feedback like “awesome food”, “great location” or “when is the next event?”, our members really appreciate to forget their stressful days for a few hours, and to meet with a great bunch of people who really value each other. But the very best feedback we have received is how much regular attendees like me and my fiancée as a couple. I always bring my fiancée and we always hear how marvelous we act together and how much they enjoy our company as an inspiring, invigorating, and entertaining couple.

How has using the new feedback feature helped you with planning future activities?

The new feedback feature helps me a lot to “listen” to my group and to find out what they like and what they dislike, so that I can plan ahead and avoid things or places which are not really appreciated by the majority of the group. As we like to say in Germany: “The customer is king”.

Congratulations to Mathias Morgenroth in Kuala Lumpur, as well as our honorable mention, Emel Kologlu in Stuttgart, for impressing all of us with your welcoming ways and eagerness to host new activities!


About the winner:

Mathias Morgenroth is an especially active Consul in our Kuala Lumpur Community. He is originally from Germany and moved to Malaysia last year. Keeping his friendly spirit and upbeat nature, he truly enjoys meeting new people and representing InterNations as a dedicated Consul.

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