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Journalist - what's the best publication in Bah? (Manama)

Hi everyone!

So after two months of "Media Sales" and a bad, disappointing experience, lesson-filled nonetheless, I find myself on the same periplus to finding my "perfect job".
I can be convincing enough - when trusting what "I'm selling" and having all the required skill-set and more, but my principles should support my career, and not standing in the way of reaching my dearest target ...

And since "writing" is my oldest pleasure .. and people (among few others) and after receiving this advice numerous times so far ... my question would be: DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S THE BEST PUBLICATION a journalist could begin his career with, here in Bahrain?

P.S. I have some articles ready on my blog that can be checked, should anyone be interested.

Appreciating once more your just in time help!

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